There is something different about Academia.

At Numana Medical, we know because we have first-hand experience. We’ve been there. We’ve worked with and within the academic setting for years. We’ve taught courses, developed marketing programs, and understand the pressures of tenure track positions, and tenured faculty.

Universities are not only replete with policy, but subject to many federal regulations, statutes, and credentialing organizations. We understand FERPA, Accreditation, APA, Quid Pro Quo, Physician Payment Sunshine Act, the need for transparency in business relationships, and more.

We’ve lived it.

Our team understands the complexities and blinding gestures of gift-giving and quid-pro-quo favors (and we offer neither).

We understand the ins and outs of academic settings, what makes them distinct and strong.  Indeed, Universities build the future of our professions.

That is why we can help you.

Our Services

  1. Sensitivity and respect for university policy and procedure, especially related to “relationships with industry and gift giving.”  We train our staff on your policy.
  2. Training:
    • Ethical Practices and Professional Relationships
    • Relationships with Industry: Building Partnerships without Incentive
    • Interpreting Signals:  How our Patients Perceive Us
    • Business Marketing and Social Media Presence
    • Reputation Management
    • Key Performance Indicators:  A New Quadrad for Clinical Performance
    • Quid Pro Quo:  What and Why I Should Know
    • Pricing Contract Negotiations
    • Organizational Culture:  What’s My Role
    • Practice Values: Accountability, Integrity, Trust, Mutual Respect, and Excellence
  3. Guest Lectures
  4. Practice and Team Consultation
  5. Management Coaching

We know your setting is unique.  We think we are too. We’ve had vast experience in health care, executive management, clinical work, teaching, marketing, coaching and more.  Let’s see how we can complement your university setting with the experience we can offer!